Graphic Design

For many reasons designers create inappropriate designs more often than you would think. This is done when mistaking vocation with art and facilitating inclinations towards personal expression. Design does not have to be complicated. It’s about creating things. There are many myths, opinions and beliefs on the subject of design and much of it obstructs the path to good design. Even if the result is beautiful, the design can be wrong for the intended purpose. Many believe design is art, but these two practices are different. Good design just needs to work. Design needs to stay true to the identity of the brand regardless of the directors or technician’s personal taste. One of the most harmful beliefs is that of the importance of originality. The pursuit of that end is too great an ocean to cross, and most often a wasted effort.

As a design firm, we steer away from myths about originality, the personal voice of the designer, the need for inspiration and genius. Purposeful design invites a focus on achieving order, making functional work, and delivering solutions appropriate to the intended use.Being less concerned about it’s look and more concerned about what it does.