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About Threshold Focused Media

At Threshold Focused Media we design and manage marketing and content strategies for emerging brands. We are a collection of strategists, graphic designers, writers, social media experts, marketers, and project managers. We provide seamless integration of the right combination of marketing methods.


The mission of Threshold Focused Media is to provide value to our clients, team members, and community. Our values are evident in our behavior as we endeavor to produce superior value. We are in the service and expertise business. We are responsive to the needs of our clients, team members, and our community.

Company History

Threshold Focused Media began in 1994 as a small department of the management consulting company Thomas Center. With the growth of the web, the department eventually grew into its own division and brand. Threshold Focused Media began managing marketing and content strategies for clients in 2011.

What We Do

Marketing Strategy
Content Strategy
Content Management
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management
Email Marketing
Social Selling
PR (Public Relations)
Blog (Blogging)

Press Releases
Entertainment Industry Marketing
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Legal, Law Firm, Attorney Industry Marketing
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Technology Industry Marketing

Since 1994 Threshold has been helping emerging brands implement their marketing, advertising and PR objectives. With a focused and clear business strategy,( brand strategy and identity ( in place Threshold has been assisting clients with brand building execution strategies that include a mix of marketing, advertising and PR.

Threshold marketing focuses on attracting customers to your brand, getting them to buy, and making sure they’re happy and that they come back for more. Marketing insures your brand strategy and identity are communicated and executed at the highest standard and focusing your resources where they will do the most good.

Marketing has its roots in the word-of-mouth conversations that have connected buyers with sellers over the centuries. Reputations were built based on experience.
With the emergence of mass communications and modern advertising and PR, the individual voices that had once driven the sales cycle were subsequently buried. Now the pendulum is swinging back and the voice of the individual is once again asserting itself. This time it is expressed through its role in building the collective conversation as it now manifests itself online. The Social Web and its combination of social networks, photo and video sharing, blogs is bringing the consumer voice to the front of the stage in significant way. At Threshold we blend and integrate our brand building efforts using the social web and traditional mediums for optimal effect.

Threshold advertising helps you sell a product or service that fulfills a brand promise. You want advertising that is creative and delivers a message in a fresh new way. It can be hard hitting, it’s headline, copy or graphics stop readers, viewers or listeners dead in their tracks. Your advertising should be memorable, insure that the audience will remember your brand. Your advertising should be clear and focused and presents it’s message in a concise, uncomplicated, easy-to-grasp manner.

Threshold offers full-service ad agency services that specializes in looking at the entire picture. We make all the pieces of the puzzle fit together in order to build effective, integrated advertising campaigns that deliver results. We’re creative problem solvers with a flair for revealing a brand’s inner strength. Our culture of insight will help move your audience from awareness to action, and our simple, bureaucracy-free approach means you don’t have to worry about wasting time and money.

Threshold PR is critical to the brand building mix. Cost is one of the great appeals of PR to both small businesses and large ones alike. Small businesses with limited budgets simply can’t come close to matching the ad budgets of the larger companies. Threshold PR has helped our clients level the playing field and a significant promotional bang for a lot fewer bucks.

By partnering with clients Threshold helps clients tell their story to targeted markets. What differentiates us from our competition are our people. Threshold has a staff of highly motivated and creative individuals. The collective skills,, media contacts and desire to do great work are what retains clients and helps to generate new clients. The foundation of our PR approach is in listening to our clients’ needs. Once our “media audit” is complete, we are able to better determine a direction based on our knowledge and expertise and further expand the public relations objectives and strategy.