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Hello it’s me,
Yes I’m biased and make a living from managing marketing budgets. Having said that…
Beware of anyone who suggests you don’t need to spend money on marketing and advertising. This would indicate a lack of awareness and understanding of how important good communication is to a business and its markets. Marketing and advertising is just that communication and now a conversation as well. The role of a well designed and executed marketing effort can not be underestimated. Word of mouth is important and always will be, but if you want to grow more than 1% per year you will need to do more than rely on just word of mouth. If you want to scale revenues in a controlled fashion you have to introduce your brand to potential new customers. As a business owner, CEO or entrepreneur you owe it to your brand and everyone associated with it to know enough about marketing to lead the way. Start small and keep it small until you become comfortable with the discipline. Open your wallet and get started.

Na-na-naa-na, hey hey hey, Goodbye!